The First Ten Minutes Of Abobo’s Big Adventure Rocked My Face Off

Yesterday we SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING. and watched the trailer for “Abobo’s Big Adventure”, an in-development NES-style free flash game that will pit Abobo from Double Dragon against hundreds of sprites from classic 8-bit games including Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Metroid, River City Ransom, Pro Wrestling, and many more. Each level has its own theme and gameplay type, as Abobo punches, swims, jumps, climbs, and other verbs his way through the NES universe to save his son, Aboboy.

We just found this video of the first ten minutes from the game, and it is tremendous. No words. Should have sent a poet.

The video doesn’t have the audio from the game, so just play this soundtrack on a loop instead:

Continue playing this song on a loop throughout the day. This holiday must be celebrated with the music of champions.

[Hat tip and sharks with freaking laser beams on their heads to Buzzfeed and IGN.]