The Future Of Pizza Ordering Is Here Thanks To The Xbox One

I ordered pizza for dinner. To do this, I pressed a button on my cell phone and spoke to a person. Then another person came to my door with a box of hot and cheesy goodness. Archaic, I know. It’s 2014, there has got to be an easier way.

Remember that Xbox 360 app that let you order Pizza Hut direct from your Xbox 360? According to online reports, Microsoft is planning an Xbox One pizza delivery app … with Domino’s.

According to The Sunday Times, the Kinect-optimized app will merely require users to say, “Domino’s, feed me!” before making the appropriate base and topping selections. The report says that an announcement will be made next month.

Is that easy enough, though? Voice command ordering via the Kinect is neat and I know that everyone is worried about AI overreach, but I’d probably check a box that gave Microsoft (or Sony) access to my brain if it meant that their app could also read my mind so that my topping selections could be known without me having to actually use words or press buttons.

The trouble is that once the pizza has been ordered, I have entered into a social contract wherein I am required to put on pants and walk 11 steps to my front door to get said pizza. Can the people at Microsoft work out some kind of arrangement where the pizza guy’s fingerprint opens my door so that he can bring me my pizza? Again, people may worry about security and safety, but who do you trust more than your pizza dealer?

These suggestions may seem silly but we never got those flying cars that we were promised. Honestly, pizza apps may be the closest thing that we get to Utopia and it sounds like Microsoft has recognized that with this bold innovation.

Source: Polygon