The Gang F*cks Up: ‘Always Sunny’ Season 6 Outtakes Keeps The Gag Reel Rage Going

Outtake/blooper/gag reels have been experiencing quite the resurgence this month, which I find awesomely ironic since they’re such an analog comedy device. Nice to know some things — like cast members of your favorite shows dropping gratuitous f-bombs and cracking up at hilarious dialogue — never gets old. First we had the Parks & Rec season 3 gag reels (highlighted by Perd Hapley BJs), then we had The Office season 7 outtakes and the Bridesmaids blooper reel (highlighted by Ricky Gervais’s uncontrollable cackling and Jon Hamm being Hammtastic, respectively).

The funny thing about the Always Sunny season 6 outtakes is that it has been up on YouTube for over a week, but didn’t start going viral until yesterday, a week after the Sunny premiere and less than 24 hours before the show’s most depraved episode to date (which is just my opinion, but I think gay hobo sex and angel dust-fueled liquor store robberies back up my case).

The entire reel is delightful but it really hits its stride at the 3:30 mark when no one can stay in character as Charlie discusses sex ed with the ICP kid and then segues into a debate over what happens to chopped off penises. “Pickle them.” Some NSFW audio.

YouTube via Cajun Boy