The Guy Who Stalked Mila Kunis Has Just Broken Out Of A Mental Hospital

Well, this is scary. A man who hounded Mila Kunis for several months in 2012 and ended up in a mental institution on felony stalking charges has escaped.

From TMZ:

According to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, Stuart Lynn Dunn vanished from a supposedly secure mental health facility in Pomona, CA at around 8:00 PM on Saturday. Dunn had been confined to the facility since pleading no contest in 2013 to felony stalking. … Kunis has been notified that Dunn escaped.

Here’s a quick history of Dunn’s creepy behavior:

January 2012: Dunn is arrested after breaking into one of Mila’s rental homes, stealing items and squatting in it for two weeks. He’s given 36 months probation and ordered to stay away from Kunis for three years.

March 2012: Dunn repeatedly calls and visits Kunis’ manager, demanding he be given her phone number. Obviously, her manager refuses. In response, Dunn files a complaint with the Beverly Hills Police Department.

May 2012: Police arrest Dunn after he followed Mila to her gym and waited in the parking lot for her… three days in a row.

February 2013: Dunn pleads guilty to two counts of felony stalking and is committed to the Olive Vista Behavioral Health Center.

May 2015: Dunn escapes from the mental hospital and is now at large.

According to police reports, Dunn is 30 years old, 130 pounds, and has brown hair and blue eyes.

(via TMZ)