The Haim Game Is The Corey Haim Tribute The Internet Needs Right Now

I can only assume the new Haim-centric Tumblr, The Haim Game, is the result of drug use, Coreys marathons, and a love of half-assed punnery, but it’s here and real and paying tribute (?) to the late former teen heartthrob and it must be recognized. More ambiguity from the creators:

Corey Haim Rules Everything Around Me – CHREAM. The HaimGame is the red-headed stepchild of Wendy, Sam and Brian.

And now it all makes sense. I can only assume Wendy, Sam, and Brian were influenced by Tim Heidecker’s Gary Shandler Movie Poster Project and maybe Adam Pally’s awesomely crude Happy Ending’s photoshops, because all of these shops of Corey Haim into popular culture are certainly crude. I’m not sure this is the tribute Corey Haim deserves, but it’s the one the internet needs right now. Or something like that. Here are my favorites. Also, I f*cking love License to Drive. Just want to put that out there.
The Haim Game via Buzzfeed