The Hilarious Photoshops Of True American Dog

If I had to put a number to it, I’d say that I don’t get about 99% of the stuff on the Internet. Hell, most of the Internet flat out scares me. But I like to believe that I’m brave and so each day I set out to find and understand new things, and then we share them with you fine people so we can all rejoice and honor greatness. You know, as long as that greatness doesn’t involve grotesque nudity and/or Japanese erection parties.
A few weeks ago, while reading the newest issue of Highlights, I received an email in the Uproxxian tubewebs from Matt at Warming Glow, offering a link to the fantastic site True American Dog. Now let me be clear, we love two things here: Animals and Photoshopping. Put them both together and you’ve found our Valhalla.
True American Dog uses fascinatingly original Photoshops of animals in zany human situations — like Kooly the Bear touring the nation in a fire truck with Obama and the Lincoln Memorial in tow — and the end product isn’t just an awesome picture, as much as an epic adventure. You might look at these pictures and think, “I don’t get this.” But you need to stop using your brains and just get it.

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