The Hillary Clinton Action Figure Is An ‘Antidote’ To The Wrong Message Of Traditional Dolls

Back in 2008, the husband and wife design duo behind the Brooklyn-based FCTRY created quite the buzz for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign with an action figure for the man who promised “Hope and Change.” Now, as Obama’s second term nears its end and Hillary Clinton prepares for another historical campaign, FCTRY has an action figure in the works for the woman who wants to be the country’s first female Commander-in-Chief.

The couple just needs $15,000 to make the idea a reality, and the HillDawg figure is already more than halfway to its goal.

We started with one simple goal; to make Hillary Clinton into an awesome iconic action figure. Basically, we’re hoping to kick off some light-hearted excitement about her campaign and the amazingly cool prospect of America getting its first woman president.

After months and months of work, we’re all ready to go!

She’s not a “Doll”. She’s an Action Figure and there’s a good reason why. Dolls like Barbie have a long history of sending out the wrong message to girls. Hillary Clinton is the antidote to that message, and this toy was designed to reflect that. (Via Kickstarter)

The rewards for the various levels of backing range from having your own action figure created ($5,000) to a postcard being sent to Clinton ($1) to tell her you support her campaign. A simple email might have also done the trick, but God knows which account she’s using these days.

(H/T to Mashable)

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