The Infected Enemies Of 'The Last Of Us' Will Make You Fear Fungus

Last week I did this thing where I compared recently unveiled Playstation 4 games to the upcoming Playstation 3 game The Last of Us. What I was trying to say with the comparisons was, “Hey, shouldn’t these ‘next gen’ games actually look better than this current gen game in some significant way?” but most people just took it to mean I have a absurdly rigid boner for The Last of Us. Which I do, but I was also making a super astute point, okay? Jeez guys.

I just thought I’d get that out of the way before directing you to hit the jump for an awesome new video detailing incredibly amazing video game The Last of Us’ creepy fungus-caked infected!

I’ve never liked mushrooms much, and now I know why. I know what you’re planning your spore-filled bastards.

via Destructoid