The Internet Loves Shark Week, Obviously


Hey, you guys, have you heard that it’s Shark Week? Well of course you have! Yes, unless you’ve been noodling for catfish in Oprah’s vagina — and everyone knows you can never rule that out — you’ve run across something related to Shark Week, oh, I don’t know…EVERYWHERE!
And that’s because, next to cats and dogs, I don’t think there’s a creature on earth that the internet’s more fascinated with than sharks. Bears I think would be a close second. Imagine that — we swing from obsessing over the household pets that provide us with love and comfort to obsessing over things that could eat us. We’re so weird. Gray areas be damned!
With all of that said, I spent a couple of hours this morning wading through the avalanche of Shark Week-related stuff floating around out there this week — gifs, photoshops, works of art, pictures of shark tattoos — and put together a little gallery of some of my favorites, like the image above from the internet’s prime source for shark love, F*ck Yeah Sharks. Enjoy…

Wolverine vs. Shark

( )

Batman vs. Shark!

( )

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Fail shark!

The lovely Jenna Marbles devoted her weekly YouTube address to Shark Week.

Conan offers his own “TV Sharktacular”

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