The 'Iron Man' Trilogy Makes No Sense (And Other Confusing Trilogies)

Editorial Director
06.26.12 6 Comments

A few months back Redditor Okgasman gloriously pointed out that the flow of the Titans trilogy just felt all wrong (image below). The observation tickled my funny bone like it had tiny little baby hands.

Now Redditor Feelbetternow has taken notice of “Yet another trilogy that makes NO sense whatsoever.” That trilogy in question would be the Iron Man trilogy above. I mean, I guess the Meryl Streep vehicle was supposed to be considered a prequel of sorts but it just feels out of place despite the similar “doesn’t play well with others” theme.

After a little digging I found an under-the-radar 28 Days version by another Redditor (also below) that deserves our attention as well, because I really want this to become a thing. If any members of our clever audience want to submit new ideas that don’t suck, I’ll put together the graphic and then erase their comment and take all credit. Deal?

Just a weird turn when the Kraken shows up. Also, need to rewatch these ASAP…

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