The Klingon Language Slays Dyslexia. Qua’Plah!

This is actually one of those occasionally heartwarming stories that come out of Star Trek fandom, like the time Scotty saved some woman from suicide or George Takei ending a hostage situation with the power of his voice (one of those things did actually happen, by the way). A dyslexic man who had a serious problem remembering names has discovered a technique to let him pick them up.

How? By learning Klingon, somehow.

According to Jonathan Brown, who got into Klingon twelve years ago, working on scripts in the language and learning it has taught him how to use different parts of his memory to store names, and it’s also helped with his general dyslexia. Apparently wrapping your head around the language has given him enough of a mental workout that he’s better able to read and remember words.

And he’s not even fluent. Let’s see Galactic Basic do that!

[ via the Worf rats at the BBC ]