Was The Freaky Eye Commercial For FX’s ‘The Strain’?

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04.17.14 6 Comments

FX is building up a lot of hype for The Strain, their upcoming story of an athlete suffering a minor injury. Oh, wait, no, sorry, it’s about vampires. Also, apparently, worms that stab you in the frickin’ eye.

Or at least that’s the thrust of the latest teaser. Which features, well, guess:

OK, so it tells us absolutely nothing about the show, aside from the fact that GAH EYE-STABBING WORMS GAAAAAAHHHHH! But, if you’re curious, the show follows a CDC team in New York City as a vampirism outbreak kicks in and they try to get to the bottom of the whole “Everybody becoming vampires” problem before they get drained like a Slurpee.

It’s a property Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan have been riding for a while. In addition to the novel series, it’s being adapted as a set of comic books, and of course now the TV series is on the way.

Honestly, the books and comics are only OK; there are some parallels between this and The Walking Dead that are somewhat hard to ignore. But, if nothing else, we can always hold out hope that Del Toro crosses this over with Pacific Rim.

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