The Luckiest Kid Ever Took An Epic Selfie With Paul McCartney And Warren Buffett

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07.14.14 4 Comments

This adorably dorky kid from Omaha, Tom White, who — according to his Instagram account — has been “Making the world a better place since 1997” was lucky enough to snap a selfie with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett last night. Ugh, I graduated high school before 1997. Anyway, shortly before posting the photo, White’s friend tweeted:

Frankly, I’m just surprised that a couple of 16-17 year old kids these days even know who Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett are, much less have the ability to be able to recognize them on the street. So, good on you, random kids from Omaha. I have slightly more faith in people from your generation, now.

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