“The Old Republic” Has a Rocket-Launcher Jawa?

09.26.11 8 years ago

Not as a playable class, alas, but nonethless, it has one.

As we’re running up to the December launch of “Star Wars: This Is Not Going to End In Tears Like Galaxies Did, Everybody”, we’re getting more and more videos about the various goodies you’ll find, and one of them is the companion system. If you’ve played a Bioware game, then pretty much this is what you’re familiar with: a computer controlled sidekick that offers you dialogue trees, side quests, and the occasional awkward sexual moment, just like any good sidekick.

And, of course, they help you fight. Some of them with methods a lot dirtier than others. Check out, among others, the Jawa with a rocket launcher under the jump.

[ via the explosive aliens at PC Gamer ]

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