The PC Gets Another Promising Survival Horror Game In ‘Outlast’

Real survival horror is rare on consoles these days, because “survival” sounds hard and “horror” sounds scary! Who wants to play something that’s hard and scary? Nobody obviously. Better just make another shooter — toss in a few zombies maybe. Much safer.

Ah, but the genre hasn’t been headshot and set on fire on PCs quite yet. Great indie horror titles like Amnesia: The Dark Descent have managed to find success on the platform, and now a team of former Ubisoft and EA employees are bringing their own survival horror game to the PC.

The game is Outlast, and it’s played from a first-person perspective, takes place in an asylum full of crazed zombie-like inmates and looks surprisingly polished for an indie game. This could pass for a console game from a major publisher — except it actually looks hard and scary. Hit the hump for a brief trailer…

Between this and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs coming up, I’m thinking it may be time for this horror game fan to update his laptop.

via Kotaku