The Power of the Necronomicon Lures Three Unwitting Young Actors Into The Clutches of The Evil Dead Remake

Lou, Jane and Shiloh — your stars of the Evil Dead remake. Thankfully Jane’s the one you’ll be seeing the most of.

No matter how strongly Evil Dead fans protest, it seems the Evil Dead remake just won’t die. Sort of like a zombie…er, I mean deadite. See what I did there?

Anyways, after some stops and starts, a cast for this remake is starting to shamble together. The lead will be played by Suburgatory star Jane Levy, who is, I dunno, pretty cute and all, but an odd choice to replace Bruce Campbell to say the least.

Joining Levy is Lou Taylor Pucci and Shiloh Fernandez, ensuring the Evil Dead cabin will be a lot more hipster-ey than you remember it. I can see it all now — they mistake the Necronomicon recording for a St. Vincent album and all hell breaks loose. The scarves they all wear regardless of the weather come to life and start to strangle them then someone becomes possessed and has to be beaten to death with one of the longboard skateboards they rode to the cabin on — horrifying stuff.

Now, what I really want to know is, who’s playing the flying zombie granny in the basement?

via Deadline New York, ComingSoon & The Playlist

Jane & Shiloh images via Shutterstock