The Sims 4 Will Finally Allow Players To Drown Their Sims

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One of the biggest changes in The Sims 4 was the fact that they made it much harder to kill your Sim, and they in fact removed one of the fastest ways of doing so, by drowning them. Fans were incensed that they could not commit a horrible form of murder on the digital people whose lives they totally control. EA apparently agrees that it’s necessary to both drown your Sim and have them return from the dead to wreak havoc on the living.

The ghosts are arriving today, according to Kotaku, and can actually run around trying to seduce living Sims, because this game is really all about the creepy. And, yes, they can “woohoo.” Is it just us, or does this game get a little weirder and more perverse with every iteration?

These ghosts can also, if they get upset, start setting fires and otherwise making the life of your living Sims miserable. Which, again, is likely the entire point. Did we mention all of this comes in the form of free updates? And that you can, in theory, create a Sim world of the undead where everyone’s a ghost? We give that maybe a week from the update, starting… now.

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