The Star Of ‘Curly Sue’ Is All Grown Up And Sharing Her Struggle With Alcoholism

When Alisan Porter was 10 years old, she starred alongside the greasy onion ring known as Jim Belushi in Curly Sue, the last film John Hughes ever directed. Considering the Belushi factor, it’s understandable that Porter would want to drink away the painful memories of hearing him play “Sweet Home Chicago” when he should have been reading lines, I assume, and she began drinking a lot.

Hi, I’m Ali, and I’m an alcoholic. (Via)

That’s the first line of an essay she wrote on Lil Mamas headlined, “THE OBLIGATORY CHILD STAR GETS SOBER MOM BLOG.”

I was living in NYC when I realized I needed to get sober. I was miserable and overwhelmed with life. I was heartbroken and realizing that what had always worked for me in the past was NOT working at all. Not even a little bit. I felt trapped, scared, and sad and I was ready to really go for broke or get better. So, I did what every good user does and I prayed to a god I had never believed in… and then called my mom. Days later I was off to treatment, just like that. For the next four years I went to meetings, worked the steps, got a sponsor, found a god of my own understanding, prayed, meditated and basically grew up. Growing pains were inevitable, I felt them often but I continued on the path because unlike my old ways, this way was working. (Via)

It’s one of the better firsthand accounts of alcoholism I’ve read in awhile. Porter treats the crippling topic with the seriousness it deserves, while also throwing in lines like:

When we don’t recognize these things they rule us like that Lanister bitch in Game of Thrones. It ain’t pretty. (Via)

Joffrey hit the sauce, and look what happened there.

Via Lil’ Mamas