The Star Wars Franchise Bags Another Hot Director

Boy, Disney moves quick. Hot on the heels of Gareth Edwards taking on a Star Wars movie comes news that another hot director has been signed to take on an undisclosed movie.

Specifically, Josh Trank is signed to do a Star Wars movie of some sort, according to Vulture. All we know is that it’s not one with “Episode” anywhere in the title, so Trank will be handling one of the spinoffs.

Honestly, though, it’s not hard to do this math. Trank has a reputation for assembling and working well with ensembles, which is why he’s working on Fantastic Four for next year. From what we know of the rumors, one of the spin-offs is called Red Five, so it’s pretty clear that Trank is going to be making a movie that’s basically all X-Wing dogfights and probably Kenny Loggins songs.

What will be interesting is whether Trank sticks with the practical effects J.J. Abrams has demanded for Episode VII, and whether this runs into the same problems as the Boba Fett spinoff is rumored to be facing. Although honestly a movie about a bunch of space pilots joshing around and playing shirtless volleyball before going into space to kill Space Communists or Sith groupies or whatever is probably an easier movie to make family friendly than the one about the vicious bounty hunter dragging people to their doom for money.