‘The Walking Dead’ Is Actually Releasing Negan’s Own Special Brand Of ‘Diapers’

Sometimes, life imitates art and releases what we can only assume is a fully-functioning set of diapers for that annoying moment when you’re about to get your head bashed in by a psychopath leading a post-apocalyptic gang of toughs. Hopefully, this isn’t some savvy forethought of impending doom from The Walking Dead‘s merchandising team, and Negan’s “Sh*ttin’ Pants’ are just something fans of AMC’s tentpole series can wear as a highly-conceptual Halloween costume, or whenever they’re feeling lazy.

A box of the meme come to life costs $19.95 from the Shop The Walking Dead online store, and promises “Maximum protection, overnight protection, flexible protection, but no protection from Negan.” There are six “pants” to a box, and they are “guaranteed to shut that sh*t down,” which is good to know.

Look at them:

The Walking Dead has been known to merchandise just about everything in their rise to television supremacy, from a replica of Negan’s bat, “Lucille,” to first aid kits to help survivors of the apocalypse in their time of need, but this is on a whole new level. Has there ever been a TV show that basically set up its viewers to go right then and there during a scary moment?