The Walking Lulz: The Best Memes From ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Premiere

Just like the undead corpses of your fallen comrades, we’re back! It’s been a long couple of months since The Walking Lulz last graced the internet, pulling together all the dankest Walking Dead may-mays (or memes to you elderly folks) from across the internet for your easy enjoyment. But we have returned, and we’ve got a great batch of spoiler-filled stuff and thangs made by you, the fans, to share.

Favorite inspirations from this midseason premiere include Daryl’s rocket-launcher mega-frag, Sam getting eaten, and Carl getting his eye shot out. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

That’s it for this week’s Walking Lulz. Remember, you can always go check out all the memes from past episodes here, or if you’re into that Game of Thrones stuff, we got you covered for memes there too. A big thanks to all the fans and Facebook pages and Instagram heroes putting these together, especially RickStuff, Walking Dead Funny Pages, Everything About The Walking Dead, and Crazy Rick Grimes. Make sure to go check them out for even more weekly Walking Dead humor.

So until next week, let’s all take a deep breath and be thankful none of our favorite characters were eaten.