The ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’ Is Kickstarting An Anti-Bullying Documentary

Only one other person in the world has the same condition as Lizzie Velásquez, who was unfortunately dubbed the “world’s ugliest woman” after a video of hers went viral in 2006. The Austin, Texas-native is unable to gain weight, despite a daily intake of nearly 5,000 calories, and she’s blind in her right eye. But she hasn’t let the Internet being a cruel bitch drag her down — she’s become an unlikely motivational speaker, writing a trio of self-help books and even giving a well-received TED Talk. And now she’s the star of an anti-bullying Kickstarter-backed documentary, The Lizzie Project.

Now, Lizzie has a bigger dream to accomplish: to make the online community a more positive place than when she found it. Or, rather, when it found her.

This summer, we set forth to make a documentary about Lizzie’s extraordinary life and her story of adversity and proud survival. We follow her on an incredible journey to address online bullying and inspire a trending movement to change it for the better. (Via)

The documentary’s already been funded, but you can still make your Lizzie McGuire Project jokes.

Via Kickstarter