The Worst Trek: “Bev Gets Wax Fever” Vs. DS9 Jumanji

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04.24.12 16 Comments

It was close, really close, but ultimately, “Spock’s Brain” prevailed over “Let He Who is Without Sin” and moved on to the Egregious Eight. But we’re not done with DS9 yet: this time it’s up against a TNG episode better suited to a Harlequin romance novel.

“Sub Rosa” (“Beverly Gets Wax Fever” for our purposes)

TNG, Season 7, Episode 14

Only in the final season does Beverly Crusher get any character development…and that mostly consists of being so hard up for it she’ll bang a ghost trapped in a candle.

“Move Along Home”

DS9, Season 1, Episode 10

Quark plays a game with some smug jerks, using the DS9 crew as the pieces. Exactly as exciting and original as it sounds.

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