The Worst Trek Bracket Round Sixteen: “Catspaw” Vs. “Profit and Lace”

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04.16.12 17 Comments

It was no contest: “Angel One” got beaten like a little girl by “Code of Honor”, which moves on to the Sulfurous Sixteen. And now we come to our final Worst 32 matchup, a rare cross-series matchup that pits an episode that should have worked but went wrong against an episode that never should have been made.


TOS, Season 2, Episode 7

A story by Robert Bloch that worked on the page was turned into a Trek episode, and failed miserably onscreen. Basically yet another “aliens with infinite powers mess with the crew” episode, it’s really frustrating how this misfired.

“Profit and Lace”

DS9, Season 6, Episode 23

This features Quark. Strike one. Also the Grand Nagus, continuing the long tradition of incredibly irritating old people on Trek. Strike two. Quark gets a sex change. Strike three and OH GOD MY EYES WHY?!

Let us know in the comments or on Facebook which you think is worse and remember: tomorrow begins the winnowing down to our Egregious Eight!

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