The Worst Trek Episode Bracket Round Three: "Genesis" Vs. "Justice"

Once again, the second entry into our Sulfurous Sixteen got in by a country mile: “Shades of Grey” advances to the next round.

Our next round is another set of TNG episodes, and it’ll determine the first match-up as we get into the next bracket:


The crew starts devolving. Troi becomes a frog, Worf becomes a frog-humping lizard, Barclay becomes a spider, and biologists become weeping wrecks because how the hell did they get “spider” out of Barclay? What the hell is that guy? Are you telling us Murdock from “The A-Team” was secretly a spider alien?


Given an opportunity, the crew fails to leave Wesley Crusher to die a horrible death. OK, so said horrible death was going to be inflicted because he fell over a pole, but he’s still Wesley.

Keep in mind, folks, the winner of this one goes up against “Operation: Annihilate!”. Let the voting commence!