There’s A Civilization MMO Coming. Thankfully It’s Exclusive To South Korea (For Now)

Oh no. Oh dear. They’re making a Civilization MMO. Well, there goes my life! Goodbye real-life human relationships! Goodbye gainful employment! But what, what’s this? The game’s only coming out in South Korea and 2K Games has “no plans” for a North American release? Oh, thank God.

But perhaps you still want to know about Civilization Online. You know, just to torture yourself. Well, hit the jump for some details and a trailer…

In Civilization Online you take control of a single character within a civilization and will be able influence the game world and in turn help your civililzation advance and hopefully beat out the other civilizations in the game. Basically, it’s Civ from the ground level, with you taking on the role of one of the classic Civ units (worker, soldier, spy or researcher). You and your fellow proles will be able to build your civilization from scratch, deciding where everything is built and how cities should be laid out. Oh, and if you’re particularly serious about the game, you can rise to a position of leadership, becoming a mayor or military commander.

Here’s a short trailer…

So yeah, this sounds pretty awesome and I’m so, so glad this it’s staying in Korea.

via PC Gamer here & here