There's A New Pokemon Coming Out, And It Looks Like It Might Try Something New. No, Really!

Nintendo has done something truly impressive with the Pokemon series — it’s managed to take something that started as a fad and draw out its success for over 15-years. The makers of Pogs, Yu-Gi-Oh and Furby wish their creations had even a fraction of the longevity of Pokemon. How has Nintendo done it? By not messing with a sound formula. Each new generation of Pokemon games only make slight tweaks to the game engine, and the most marginal improvement to graphics possible.

Well, that appears to be changing with the newly announced Pokemon X and Y. For one, the games are going fully 3D for the first time. There’s also going to be improved online play, and possibly even changes to the tried and true ways of catching and battling Pokemon. So, get yourself in a 12-year-old state of mind, then hit the jump for the first footage of Pokemon X/Y

Pokemon X/Y will be launching worldwide October 2013. That’s right, no waiting a year for an English localization, as is usually the case with Pokemon games. Nintendo may say phones and tablets don’t intimidate them, but they’re certainly pulling out all the stops with this latest Pokemon generation.

Just one last question — will these games have Squirtle in them? No Squirtle, no 40-bucks from me Nintendo.

via GoNintendo