There’s An Entire Website Dedicated To Vacation Spots With The Most Hot Women

“Historical monuments? Beaches? Foreign cuisines? Museums? F*ck that noise. Where the hot, promiscuous women at?” That’s how I assume the pitch meeting for Girls on a Map went. It’s a just-launched website that allows you to plan your vacation around a girl you’re virtually stalking. Or according to their press release:

The website allows viewers to see what real girls look like around the world, rate them, learn about their culture and habits, and recommends travel destinations based on the user’s interests and ratings.

In addition to offering insights on women, users from around the world are able to rate the approachability and promiscuity levels of girls around the world. GirlsOnAMap also identifies top user-rated places to meet potential dates, including bars, nightclubs, and local attractions. (Via)

Thing is, because it’s user-rated, photos can be uploaded without permission. For instance, let’s say you want to play a prank on Sally Secondbase back in your old hometown in Ohio. You can, by putting her info online:

Suddenly, tourism in Stinkfart, Ohio, is booming. Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea… STINKFART 2014.

Banner via Getty Image, via Girls on a Map

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