These ‘No Whales Or Hippos’ Texts From A Vegas Club Promoter To A Bachelorette Will Surprise No One

The below text exchange between a Las Vegas club promoter and a bachelorette party planner will shock zero people, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to give them a read because the real life douche levels are still kind of staggering. They’ve been shared with the internet courtesy a Jezebel reader who was attempting to get an evening at Hakkasan in the MGM Grand comped for a bachelorette crew of fifteen.

To be clear, I would be floored if I found out this mode of operation was not the standard business practice at Vegas clubs, but man, repeatedly texting things like “filled with hippos” and “hot girls will send me pics with the snap of their fingers” to a stranger just seems like something that will catch up to you. With that in mind, onto the screengrabs…

Get the full backstory over at Jezebel. If anyone from Massachusetts wants to weigh in (get it?), by all means.

Via Brobible