These Real-Life Shaving Stories Vs. Hollywood’s Most Memorable Shaving Moments: Who Ya Got?


Everybody remembers the first time they shaved, usually because it was painful. Some shaves, however, are more painful than others, as pop culture, and the Philips Norelco Click & Style video above, shows us.

This leads us to wonder, though… can Hollywood top these hair removal stories? Judge for yourself: Watch the real-life video above, and then weigh it against these and see if art imitates life, or makes things worse.

Steve Carrell, The 40-Year-Old Virgin

An important thing to emphasize here is that everything you see in the above video is absolutely real. All of it.

Karen Gillian, Guardians Of The Galaxy

Gillian played Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, a makeup heavy role that required her to be completely bald. When you’re known for your flowing red hair, well, let’s just say it takes a commitment.

Bob Geldolf, The Wall

We almost want to give Geldof the award, because he agreed to shave almost everything: Chest, face, and infamously, his eyebrows. But he did stop at shaving his head, so we’re kinda torn.

Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

Cranston, rather legendarily, had to actually shave his head on camera for a scene, but hey, at least he had good company; most of the Breaking Bad crew shaved with him.

Macauley Culkin, Home Alone

OK, so he’s faking. Still, find us one person who didn’t discover the hard way what old-school aftershave felt like.