#Thighbrow Is Instagram’s Newest Selfie Trend, And Here’s What You Should Know

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09.16.15 9 Comments

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Selfie trends come and go, but this newest method seems to have taken hold in a manner best explained by the world’s butt obsession. The #thighbrow stands in sharp contrast to its main foe, the “thigh gap.” That trend (which still has its fans in pro-anorexia forums) featured women posing in such a way to show off their slenderness. Thigh gap was exactly what it sounded like — the showing off of a gap between one’s legs — but the #thighbrow is an altogether different beast. Observe.

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The #thighbrow is very simple and only requires that one pose in such a way that “accentuates that fold where your upper thigh hits your butt.” It has nothing to do with what you’d think (#eyebrow) and everything to do with the power of tush-oriented suggestion: “It’s the flesh that rolls over the top of your thigh – signifying booty – when you bend forward, sit or kneel.”

Celebrities — including Beyonce, Rihanna, and the Kardashian-Jenner ladies — and civilians alike are all over this new bikini-posing trend. #thighbrow madness has taken over Instagram, and it looks like it’s here to stay as long as mirror, bedroom, and beach selfies continue.

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