This Adorable Beagle Is ON THE CASE To Reunite Airline Passengers With Their Lost Belongings

In the states, I’m pretty sure the unofficial motto of United Airlines is “United Airlines: F*ck You,” but European airlines tend to be a bit more friendly when it comes to customer service. Take KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines operating out of the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, for example — who care so much about reuniting passengers with their belongings that they have brought in “special forces.” And by “special forces” I mean that they’ve hired a trained beagle to track down the owners of lost and found items. WUT. According to the YouTube description, the beagle is used to reunite passengers with everything from “a teddy bear found by the cabin crew to a laptop left in the lounge.”

That’s right. Not only will KLM reunite a child with its teddy bear but it will do so by presenting it to them by an adorable vest-wearing beagle. Can KLM please comes to the US? Because I’m pretty sure I would like to take them for every domestic and international flight from now on.