This Burger Chain Is Offering Free Socks For A Year To A Customer Who Got Pee On His Foot

As a lady type, one gripe I have with public restrooms is when establishments attempt to save space by putting the hand dryer right over the toilet, so it looks like you whizzed all over the seat when you dry your hands. But what happens when you’re of the stand-peeing type, and the hand dryer goes off mid-stream? One unlucky British man found out the hard way and got a sneaker full of wee when he was visiting a burger chain over the weekend.

Gordie Wallace posted his gripe on the Handmade Burger Company’s Facebook page:

The Handmade Burger Company responded, and, for their part, they feel just awful about the whole thing. In a new post that for some reason isn’t embeddable, the chain offered to send their customer a new pair of sneakers and free socks every month for a year.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.30.21 PM

Being the lover of food I am, I checked out the menu on the Handmade Burger Company website, and they have… burgers stuffed with cheese. I don’t know, socks are great and everything, but I think I’d prefer a year of free burgers. Take out, obviously.

(Via Evening Express)