Meet The Controversial Preacher Who Loves God And Showing Off Her Nipples

A preacher from North Carolina is courting controversy, not for her religious message but what she is showing while delivering it.

LaTascha Emanuel bills herself as a stripper-turned-preacher, and her series of video sermons, “Gospel from the Stripper’s Pole,” has attracted attention because of her exposed nipples. In a recent sermon titled “The Forked Tongue,” she spoke about hypocrisy in how Christians talk about their brothers, sisters, and “people [they] don’t know.”

Wearing a low cut, zebra print top, LaTascha talks to the camera with her blouse pulled below her nipples, although she appears to make no reference to the fact that her breasts were exposed.

“Let’s be more conscious of what we say, and what we speak. Amen?” LaTascha says as she finishes her sermon.

Of course, the irony of this story is how much attention is being paid to her message and how much attention is on Emanuel herself. She is preaching that people should show love to their fellow human beings in words and actions, and a lot of responses have been critical and judgmental:

“Even thought she’s speaking the word of God no ones paying attention [sic],” one YouTube commenter wrote.

Fortunately, a few people are behind her message of love and have called for a more “mature” response to Emanuel’s sermons:

One wrote: “It seems to me that mature people can listen to the message without focusing on her breasts.”

Source: Mirror