This Couple Parodied Taylor Swift For Their Super Corny Baby Announcement

There are probably going to be a lot of people out there who think that this couple’s baby announcement video is really adorable, as the use of Taylor Swift’s painfully catchy “We are Never Getting Back Together” is sure to get some thumbs up on YouTube. But then, there are probably a lot of others who will see this announcement as a ridiculously and unnecessarily corny way for this man and woman to tell their friends and millions of random strangers on the Internet that they’re having another kid. But what really matters in the grand scheme of things isn’t what we all think about their video, but how safely they manage to store in on their computers for the next 10+ years, so they can effectively use it to humiliate this child when he or she is old enough to really feel shame and embarrassment.

I’m not saying that they should show it to their kid’s friends intentionally, but the first time that kid talks back, he’ll think differently once they click play.