This Couple’s Neighbor Mistook The Sounds Produced By ‘Mario Kart’ For Loud Sex

Some people get really into video games. I’m not much of a regular gamer myself and haven’t played a Mario Kart since the original Mario Kart Wii, but as someone who gets really, really too into video games and can probably be heard across state lines when I lose, I can totally relate to this.

In the latest from Reddit’s TIFU (Today I F*cked Up), here’s the story of how one enthusiastic game of Mario Kart led to a young boy inadvertently having to get “the sex talk.”

So as I go to warm up my car this morning my neighbor comes out and asks if I have moment. We’re cool with each other so I figure no big deal. Well, he proceeds to inform me that while he’s happy that my husband and I have a great sex life that he would greatly appreciate if we kept it down in the early evening hours since he had to explain the birds and bees to his 8yo last night.

At this point, I’m confused. We didn’t have sex last night. What is he talking about? Then it dawns on me… What they actually heard was us playing Mario kart. They heard me screaming “f*ck me” repeatedly while getting hit with a blue shell just before the finish line.

TL;DR My neighbor thinks we have a great sex life; I just have a dirty whore mouth while playing Mario Kart.

Oh well, kid’s got to learn about sex sometime. Although I gather from now on when this woman passes her neighbor, he’s going to be making this face. But can you really blame her? THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.