This Flo Rida-Loving Dog Is Almost Definitely A Better Dancer Than You

This dog dancing to “Low” by Flo Rida has got more rhythm is its left ear than you’ve got in your entire body. Ha ha, get it? Because it dances with its ears! There’s your obligatory dumb dad joke to get you ready for the festivities tomorrow. Anyway, when I first watched this video I was all, faaaaake, faaaaake — like what did they attach wire to the dogs ears or something? And how would one even go about that?

But not only is this dog named Jaxon 100% for real, she’s going to be featured on Fox’s Thanksgiving special, Cause For Paws, airing tomorrow night — which is being billed as an “All-Star Dog Spectacular.” You will have to wrestle the remote out of my cold dead hands.