This Easter Bunny Surprised Police With $30,000 Of Delicious Meth

Oklahoma police have arrested a woman in the most festive case of drug trafficking they’ve ever seen. When police were tipped off that drugs were being sent to a Tahlequah woman through the mail, they found a suspicious Easter bunny delivering more than just a little chocolate to help her pass the holiday in high spirits.

We’ve intercepted narcotics before,” Police Chief Nate King said. But in the small box was the strangest case with which King has dealt.

“The Easter bunny I thought was a strange touch,” he said. It’s not the toy but what was inside of it.

“There’s a hole cut in the bottom of the rabbit,” King said. “There were two condoms, stuffed with meth and stuffed inside the rabbit.”

“(It’s) not the prize egg we want in Tahlequah,” he said.

Not sure whether the intended recipient knew there were drugs headed her way, police organized a sting: An officer dressed as a FedEx delivery man showed up in a plain white van and handed the package over to Carolyn Ross, who happily accepted it. When she was questioned, she confessed that the drugs were intended for her to redistribute.

Fortunately for Ross, food is pretty good in jail on the holidays. She’s being held on $75,000 bond. The Easter bunny is locked up in evidence, forced to wait another day to deliver meth to Tahlequah’s citizens.

(Via KATC)