This Fan-Made ‘Akira’ Project Will Change Your Mind About A Live-Action Movie

05.10.14 4 years ago 8 Comments
akira live action


There’s been talk of a live-action Akira film for some time now, but nothing has really happened because the idea of it seems too outrageous to actually film. That is until some fans decided to make their own version of the film in the spectacular trailer below. It takes all the best bits from the film and recreates them. It even has the teddy bear scene, which was the craziest scene in the film, at least to me.

Will an Akira film ever be made? Who knows. But when a popular manga is adapted into a live-action film, it’s usually in development hell for 10 years, and then a Dragonball Evolution gets made. Woof. Have a look at this trailer, it’s pretty great and gives us hope.

Via YouTube

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