This Florida Woman Wearing A ‘Won’t Be Caught’ T-Shirt Allegedly Stole $1,500 In Perfume

Tampa police are seeking the two women in the above surveillance video who are wanted on suspicion of stealing nearly $1,500 of perfume and cologne from an Ulta Beauty Supply store in Tampa on March 15, according to the Smoking Gun. Whether or not the prediction of the woman on the right’s t-shirt comes true or not remains to be seen, as the police have just released the store’s surveillance images to the public in an attempt to identify them.

Pretty ballsy move, to say the least. I’m guessing “Won’t Be Caught” t-shirt lady isn’t as superstitious as some of us. That’s exactly why I don’t wear my “Won’t Get So Drunk That I Stumble Home And Eat An Entire Box Of Hot Pockets” t-shirt when I go to the bar.

(The Smoking Gun via Local 10 News)