This Flying Rock Almost Killed A Bunch Of People At A Shooting Range

As if dozens of people firing guns wasn’t enough to worry about at a shooting range. We’ve now got this bit of nightmare fuel to fill up our anxiety gas tank. A video from YouTube user John Guzman shows a man at a shooting range in El Paso, Texas firing at what we’re assuming is Tannerite, a popular explosive used to make target practice even more fun.

But with that fun comes extra safety concerns, like giant rocks careening towards you at murderspeed. Look out, dude! It’s coming right for us! Now, if you’re a religious man, there’s two ways to interpret what just happened: God just saved your bacon, or God is out to get you. Better stay away from shooting ranges in the future, just to be safe.

And building demolitions.

Heck, let’s just never leave the house again.

(via FTW)