This Guy Is Lucky To Be Alive After This Insane Motorcycle Crash

08.19.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Either this is an audition for the next The Fast and the Furious movie or this guy is just incredibly lucky, either way, we’re still not sure how he survived this mind-blowing motorcycle crash. A YouTube user uploaded this video today of a motorcyclist narrowly avoiding death after crashing head on into another car. A dashboard camera from a vehicle not involved in the collision captured the close call and the epic stunt that ended up saving the biker’s life.

After the car in front of him changes lanes unexpectedly, the motorcyclist slams into the vehicle’s bumper, causing the bike to roll. Thankfully, its rider is some kind of acrobatic prodigy because as soon as he hits, the biker does a front flip onto the roof of the car he just crashed into. And the lesson learned today is: Luck and quick reflexes are always two good things to have.

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