This Hilarious Tumblr Of ‘Drunk J. Crew Models’ Is Everything A Fashion Catalog Should Be

10.16.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

Rather than actually motivating me to purchase a product, I find that most fashion catalogs often make me ponder any of the following questions:

1. “Just what exactly is going on in this picture?”
2. “Why are they smirking? What’s so funny?”
3. “Can’t you see that model’s totally holding in a fart?”
4. “Who even stands that way?”
5. “Is this supposed to be one of those ‘catch me in my natural element’ pics or just a legit mistake?”

Recognizing some of the inherent silliness in such photos, one clever Tumblr user has taken a bunch of real female J. Crew modeling photos and captioned them with bits of pretty hilarious drunken text. Considering these folks’ foggy facial expressions and demeanor, it’s hard to believe no one’s done this before. Drunk J. Crew is basically the perfect fashion catalog. Here’s hoping we get some male versions soon.

Check out more examples below.

Drunk J. Crew models


Drunk J. Crew model


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