This Horrifying ‘Testicle-Eating’ Fish With Human Teeth Was Caught In New Jersey

For your consideration from #TeamDryLand, a New Jersey man and his son were fishing in a man-made lake in South Jersey last weekend when they caught a very rare fish related to the piranha known only to inhabit rivers in South America. The fish, called a Pacu, is known for its creepy human-like teeth and an alleged appetite for human testicles, stemming from an incident in 2011 in which two men reportedly bled out after having a Pacu chomp on their testicles.

A cursory Google search,  however, suggests that reports of the Pacu’s testicle appetite may be greatly exaggerated, as the fish is actually a vegetarian that sometimes “has been known to confuse nuts for human flesh.” Still… those teeth, though. Better never set foot in the water again and not chance it.

As for the mystery of how it ended up in the lake, state officials say that people actually buy these things from pet stores and then — obviously realizing the huge mistake that they made — turn them loose onto unsuspecting bodies of water… and nuts, of course.

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