This Is What An Insane Hail Storm With Golfball Sized Hail Looks Like

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05.27.14 10 Comments

Last week a straight up apocalyptic storm producing golf ball sized hail ravaged its way through Southeastern Pennsylvania. I was really excited about it, as I had many friends and family who live out in the suburbs posting about it on Facebook — and then it went and completely bypassed Philly, disappointingly. The hail actually caused a lot of damage, however, and I know at least one person who had their car destroyed by it.

Case in point, this Redditor, from Wyomissing, PA, who posted this video of the storm last week, ended up with a totaled car after the storm. The video itself is pretty incredible though, if you’ve never seen firsthand what golf ball sized hail looks like. That sh*t does NOT mess around.

The best part is the neighbor across the street who hilariously tries driving out into it, only to return about two minutes later. What the hell could be so important to drive out in the middle of a hail storm? Unless it was to cash in some kind of magical a lottery ticket that would vanish into thin air in exactly twenty minutes, I don’t know, because they probably just bought themselves several thousand dollar in damage. I could be going into labor and I wouldn’t leave the damn house.

(Via Huffington Post)

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