This Lego ‘Battle Of Helm’s Deep’ Will Storm The Gates Of Your Heart

So, a couple guys going by Rich-K and Big J went and built the Battle of Helm’s Deep using Lego, and well, it just may be the most impressive movie-inspired Lego creation to date. Honestly it’s a tough call — Lego Hogwarts is still be the most obsessively detailed Lego creation I’ve ever seen, but Helm’s Deep may take the cake, if only because it’s just so damn epic.

Hit the jump for more pictures of Lego Helm’s Deep…

via Geekologie

The hobbit hanging out in the right corner is a nice touch.

Not bad, not bad, but I can’t declare it the best Lego creation ever. That title still goes to the planecarboat I built when I was 8. See, it was a car, with wings and outboard motor on the back. Just sayin’, it was pretty crazy.