This Super Mario Bros. Baby Announcement Changes The Game For Expecting Couples

When it comes to baby announcements, most people can’t wait to post clever photos to their social media accounts and bask in the likes and well-wishes before they give up sleep and extra cash for an indefinite period of time. Some of the common “hilarious pictures” are the popular “Guard Dog” signs around the necks of a couple’s adorable pooches and the good, old Prego jar picture, most recently displayed by Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith, and taking things one step further, there’s the wonderful 28 Days Late movie poster photoshop that deserves so many awards.

It was only a matter of time, though, before these baby announcements started arriving in GIF form, like this Super Mario Bros. announcement that showed up on Imgur this week. Where it’s from and who created it are a mystery, but it’s pretty awesome nonetheless.

Because I know how the Internet works, I’m going to address some standard flaws that people will ultimately complain about (like in the comments here):

1) Some people think it should read “She’s pregnant” instead of “We’re pregnant” because the woman gets pregnant, not the man. My response: Shut up and enjoy something cute.

2) Some people will point out that the Tanooki suit isn’t used by Mario until Super Mario Bros. 3. My response: Shut up and enjoy something cute.

3) In order to fly with the Tanooki suit, Mario needs to get a running jump. My response: You get the point. But please, feel free to lodge any other complaints in the comments below.

Still, while this is great for people who are looking for a simple way to announce a pregnancy, I’m much more of a fan of elaborate announcements, like this couple’s BMW commercial parody.