This Week In Cute: Banana Cats And Goats In Coats!

Welcome to another edition of This Week In Cute, where we collect all the cutest animal pictures, videos, and GIFs in one place for maximum adorableness. I know with Christmas and New Year’s just in the rear view, you’re probably feeling about as full of energy as the puppy above. So, why keep straining yourself reading about the upcoming election and troubling world affairs? Take a quick brain break and enjoy this bevvy of pure unfiltered cuteness!

Let’s start off with a cat in a monkey costume eating a banana. Because Japan!

Now look at this little sweater. Look at it. That’s goat couture.

Here’s another cat sensation sweeping Japan: sleeve kitties!

This dog is drinking water wrong, but doing whatever it’s doing very right.

This one is from Canada, where a ballsy raccoon broke into a coffee shop to steal itself a donut. Made it out the front door, too!

This dog gets maximum enjoyment out of every bit of kibble he gets his paws on.

Pay no attention to the kitty in the box!

This one is only cute if the furniture isn’t yours.

For our classic GIF of the week: a baby elephant playing with ribbon!

This may be more tragic than cute: a raccoon gets a piece of cotton candy, but then loses it when it dissolves in the water.

Here’s another tragicute moment: a pig playing a bit too rough with its favorite ball.

This kitten just learned a valuable lesson about sharing.

Dem ears!

When life gives you a safety cone, make a drinking cone out of it!

This one’s called “The Mystery of the Shredded Tissue Box”

Welp, that pigeon is going for a ride.

This is the noblest dog to ever wield a selfie stick.

And what cute round-up would be complete without at least one puffball of a dog?

That’s it for another edition of This Week In Cute. We hope it’s given you a smile or six! Come back next week for even more delightful animal content. Now to wrap things up, here’s our classic cute video of the week, from all the way back in 2008: a bunch of ferrets playing in a pool of packing peanuts.