This Woman Is Contacting The Moms Of Boys Who Threaten To Rape Her On Facebook

With all due respect to Explosions In the Sky, the Earth can be a cold, dead place, especially on Twitter, where receiving rape threats is a too-common part of many women’s lives. Alanah Pearce, a game reviewer from Australia, got tired of seeing “young boys” tweeting the terrible things they were going to do to her, so she did something about it: she contacted their moms.

Or in text form:

“Hi Anna, I don’t know you, but I was wondering if [blanked-out] is your son?”

“Yes he is. Why?”

“I have never met him before, but he sent me a concerning message to my public Facebook page today that I was wondering if you might be interested in discussing with him.” *screengrab*

“Omg, little sh*t. I’M SO SORRY. YES I WILL TALK TO HIM!” (Via)

Moms, talk to your little sh*ts before they turn into trolls. Thank you.

Via BuzzFeed