This Florida Woman Spent $20,000 On Surgery To Add A Third Boob To Her Chest Portfolio

The world’s biggest Total Recall fan, Jasmine Tridevil (shockingly not her real name), is more than just a massage therapist from Tampa Bay who wants to be a reality TV star — she also has three breasts.

And all it cost was a mere $20,000.

Of the controversial surgery, she told Real Radio 104.1 she had to contact more than 50 doctors before she found a surgeon who agreed to carry out the procedure.

Of the one who agreed to carry out the operation, she claimed: “He made me sign a non-disclosure agreement as he was scared he’d get in trouble.” (Via)

Later in that same interview, Tridevil said she put a breast where no breast should be because she “wanted to make [herself] unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore.” There are much easier, less expensive ways to not date anymore, like DON’T GO ON ANY MORE DATES.

Anyway, be sure to keep up with Jasmine on her reality show, Jasmine’s Jugs, which is a real thing (why does every story from Florida always end with “…which is a real thing”?).

Via Huffington Post